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Do you Do This: Call Store before Shopping?

I'm looking for a skirt that I saw online to wear this weekend. So instead of driving to the store, to later find that they don't have it, I typically like to call the store and ask an associate if they can help me out and see if it's there. I actually just did this a few seconds ago..jeje and I'm glad I did because they didn't have it. I was able to find another store that did. Is it just me....or do you do this as well? Or do you just rather go to the store?


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{spring feelings, dree hemingway by alasdair mclellan for h&m spring 2010 magazine}



 DSCF3715 DSCF3714

Black ruffle bottom dress: Tiana B.  Lavender sparkle top: INC.  Sweater: It’s Our Time.  Booties: Dollhouse.  Belt: INC (match to a different top).  Tights: ??

Okay, so here’s the scoop on me and jewelry accessories â€" I LOVE jewelry.  I love to shop for it, I love to buy it, I love to simply look at it and how pretty it is…  However, when it comes to wearing jewelry, I tend to be a minimalist.  It just bugs me, and I often feel like it’s restricting, bulky / in the way, and overkill. 

Starting this weekend â€" I plan to do a full week of forcing myself to accessorize with jewelry, but for today, I accessorized how I normally do â€" with a belt, ruffles, tights, a little sparkle, and a fun shoe.


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Style&co Fiesty Hobo Handbag

Check out this cute handbag one of my friends bought yesterday. She got it on sale at Macy's. It's from Style&co, which I must admit I didn't even know they sold handbags....I thought they just sold clothes. I love that it has a shoulder strap and a removable crossbody strap....so you kinda get two purses for the price of one. It's on sale for $45.99 (originally $78) and also comes in purple.

Where to Buy:

Style&co. Handbag, Fiesty Hobo, Macy's, $45.99

p.s. I took the pictures with my phone...so they aren't that great, but you can check out more pictures by clicking on the link.

{editorial: plums in the icebox}

{editorial: plums in the icebox; sophie vlaming by anushka blommers and niels schumm for dossier magazine #4}



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