The Scent Of Bebe

Upon my return home from San Francisco on Friday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a package from Bebe had arrived. You may have seen the recent eye-catching Bebe fragrance ads featuring a striking, pale redhead wearing absolutely nothing. Well I opened up the bag and caught a whiff of the new Bebe scent.


I've always been extremely picky when it comes to the perfumes that I wear. I currently have about five different fragrances that I wear in constant rotation, and when I visit a department store to sample various perfumes, I typically cringe more often than enjoy them. So what did I think of this one? My asessment of Bebe's new effort was a thumbs up - I actually liked it. (If I didn't like it, trust me, I wouldn't be blogging about it.) I found it to be light, floral, and perfect for wearing on a lunch date or for a sunny day at the flea market. It has key top notes of juicy mango, leafy tuberose and yellow peonies, and the packaging accurately describes it as, "a sensuous blend of sumptuous florals and sultry musks." For those who want to give it a try, the fragrance retails for $12 - $65 and comes in a playful heart-shaped bottle.


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