Call me different…

DSCF3666Jean Jacket: Gap.  Turquoise Tie Top: nue look.  Skirt: Chadwicks.  Tights: Macys.  Shoes: Michael Kors.

I’m wearing my winter wool (and very warm!) plaid skirt today.  Ironically, the temp ended up getting to the mid 50’s…

My gut instinct when thinking of a top for this skirt was to go with a contrasting color, but I paired it with purple last time, so I just went for a bit matchy matchy.

I love these last few weeks of the year when most people are on vacation and everything just gets a little bit slower â€" I really enjoy the quiet.  I think I’m a bit psychotic at times because a really enjoyable part of my day is often when I’m walking up or down the stairwell to another floor and it is pure and utter beautiful silence… weird, I know   :)


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