Belted Jacket


Casual Friday for me.  Just keeping it simple with jeans, leather boots, and a stylish belted jacket.

I love belted jackets b/c they are comfortable and cozy, as well as “fashion-y” and flattering.

I was hesitant to buy this jacket when I found it last fall because I just don’t need any more clothes, but my mom convinced me that it was a great find (for a great price), so I decided to purchase it â€" and I’m glad I did!  It works great with my khaki and brown pencil skirts as well!

I can’t remember the jacket brand (and it’s in my car right now â€" which I am too lazy to walk out to and check the brand), but I found it while shopping in O’Bryonville in Cincinnati. Jeans: Express. Boots: Aldo.


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